Carbon monoxide danger warning to campers

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service urge campers to take extra care when using barbecues.

Campers are being urged to take extra care and remember the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service’s community safety and risk management manager Phil Martin is reminding campers to take care when camping and using barbecues.

He said: “Carbon Monoxide is the most common form of household poison and is also a danger to people staying in tents and caravans.

“You can’t see it, you can’t taste it and you can’t smell it and you won’t realise you are being overcome by the fumes until it is too late.

“It’s easy to think that a tent is fully ventilated and that you don’t need to worry about Carbon Monoxide poisoning, but if you place your barbecue too near to your tent you are at risk of dangerous gas leaking into your tent and the effects can be devastating.

“Just as you would not put a camp fire near your tent, you should keep your barbecues a safe distance away. There have been tragic incidents this year and last summer where people have succumbed to the fumes.”

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