Cash boost for schools

Schools in Devon are to receive a share of �21million funding.

School’s in Devon are to receive a cash injection of �21million over the next financial year.

As part of the available funding �11.2million will be spent on providing extra places for the expanding number of pupils and �10.2million will be spent on improving and maintaining accommodation in schools.

Colyton, Payhembury and Axminster Primary School are to receive funding towards boilers, windows and roofs.

The deputy leader of Devon County Council, who is responsible for county council property, said: “This is obviously still a time of serious spending restraint but I am pleased to be able to deliver a significant economic boost for Devon.

“This is good news for education and our students, teachers and school staff.

“It is also good news for the many businesses throughout the county which will benefit.

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“Obviously hundreds of people in the building trade will be employed on these projects but there are also the wholesalers and suppliers of all the materials we need.

“Every pound that is injected into the economies of our towns and villages has a knock-on effect for many more businesses.”

The capital programme will run from April 2012 to April 2013.