CCTV securing convictions

The use of CCTV cameras continues to be “extremley positive” in Honiton.

CCTV cameras continue to have a “positive” impact in Honiton and are helping police to secure convictions, it has been revealed.

Sergeant Martin Burrow addressed members of Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry at their recent breakfast meeting to discuss the use of CCTV cameras in the town.

He said: “CCTV has been extremely positive and continues to be.

“I can only see it being more positive in the future.”

Members heard that the system had recently undergone updates and improvements – which has made it into a more practical system.

Sergeant Burrow added: “The town is not without its issues like every town.

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“Certainly, issues affecting the level of enjoyment people can have going out have been reduced and CCTV has had a large part to play in that.

“It has helped identify offenders.

“We use it to discount evidence as well as prove it – it is very useful.

“We have got numerous convictions for assaults purely from the use of CCTV.”

The system has also been used during incidents of shoplifting, road traffic accidents, drink driving and anti-social behaviour orders to provide evidence and help secure convictions.

“It has not just got a limited role; we use it for the full range of offences,” he said.

“I have worked here for eight years in various different roles, including frontline policing, and the town is a totally different place.

“The crime levels have dropped through the floor and anti-social behaviour in the town has been reduced.”

Sergeant Burrow said he hoped in the future a system could be set up where the cameras were continuously viewed but said this may have potential cost implications.