Change is an inevitable part of life

Thought for the week.

Not many of us like change. This is certainly so in the church, but something I hear a lot out and about, too.

Change, however, is an inevitable part of life: every moment our bodies change, we grow, we learn (hopefully), we move. Our world changes too - medical developments, technology, new discoveries, new ideas, new hopes.

Not all change is bad. In fact, the Bible says we need to change. St Paul talks of ‘being transformed by the renewal of your mind’ – something only God can do for us, which means we can live, and grow, and learn from him.

This is something which starts with a change of attitude as we turn to God and live our lives not for ourselves but for God and are open to him changing us.

For the only things which don’t grow and change in nature are the things which aren’t alive.