Change is not always a bad thing

Just have a sound footing. Thought for the week.

Having spent the evening in a long and intense meeting, there’s a phrase from one of the contributors that keeps going around my head; “It feels like everything is changing all at once.”

It’s often true, in the world we live in, and even in the church, we have change after change occurring – in technology, in politics, in the things we watch and hear, all the choices we are given.

And it’s not always a bad thing – in nature, things that don’t grow and change are dead!

But, for us human beings, the best way to cope with any change is to have a sound footing and a sense of security – which is why Christians talk of a God who is ‘unchanging’ – meaning reliable, trustworthy and always there.. Jesus said following God’s way was like building on rock rather than building on sand – he is the firmest foundation of all.

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