Chard man rescues more than 12 stranded motorists on snow-hit roads

Snowy scenes in Chard last night (Thursday, March 1). Picture: Alex Walton Photography

Snowy scenes in Chard last night (Thursday, March 1). Picture: Alex Walton Photography - Credit: Archant

A Chard man has come to the rescue of at least 12 stranded drivers whose vehicle were stuck in snowy conditions.

Carer Wayne Burgess.

Carer Wayne Burgess. - Credit: Archant

Carer Wayne Burgess has used his trusty Range Rover to tow people to safety are they became stuck in and around the town.

Wayne even drove a man to his grieving partner’s house a few miles outside of Chard after his vehicle became stuck in the snow and he faced spending the night in it.

He said: “When the snow fell, I was out and about driving around for five or six hours.

“When I came across people who were stuck, I pulled them out of the main road and into the nearest car park and made sure they were safe.

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“I helped one chap who drove down from Bournemouth to visit his girlfriend in Tatworth who was mourning a death in the family.

“He had got as far as Chard and could not get any further. The police turned up with their 4x4 but they refused to pull him out because they did not know if they could manage it.

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“I got there at 10.45pm and he was very cold and upset. I pulled his car off the road into a car park where it would be safe and took him to his girlfriend’s house so he could be with her.”

Wayne, 38, who grew up in Chard, said he has been offered money by many grateful motorists he rescued, but his mission was nothing to do with cash.

“When we had the floods in 2014, I was one of the first to volunteer,” he added.

“We spent three weeks on the levels sandbagging. I hold the belief that if you can help someone, why aren’t you?

“It’s quite simple –we are one race, so why aren’t we helping each other?”

Wayne says he hopes someone will return the favour to him one day, should he ever need assistance.

He added that there are several 4x4 drivers trundling around Chard, and if anyone who is stranded needs help, they should flag them down.

Do you know anyone who has gone above and beyond to help people affected by the snow?

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