Checkout cash scam warning

Shop cashiers duped by tricksters.

POLICE are warning shop checkout staff to be aware of a cash scam.

The scam involves one person asking to change several hundred pounds from one type of note to another. For example, �20 notes into �10 notes.

A police spokesman said: “Whilst the cashier is doing this, they will change their mind, causing confusion. After the money has gone back and forth a couple of times, they will leave and the unlucky cashier will later find that they are short of money.

“If someone asks for change like this, please get another member of staff to assist and double check the exchange. If this puts the person/people off, please inform the police.”

A recent incident involved another person distracting the cashier whilst this was going on. They were two women of foreign appearance. They had brown skin and one had noticeable acne. One was slightly taller than the other, aged between 17 and 25.