Child suffers burns after clothes catch fire

Incident prompts fire warning.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has issued a warning over the dangers of gas fires after a child suffered burns to her body when her night dress caught fire.

The seven-year-old’s clothing caught fire after she had been standing too close to a faulty fire.

The child and her mother, who attempted to put out the flames, were both taken to hospital, but are now recovering from their injuries.

Members of the public are urged to keep curtains and furniture away from fires and keep at least three feet away from them.

It is important not to dry washing on or near fires.

Using fireguards can prevent and protect children and pets getting too close to fires.

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The fire service is also urging people to remember to stop, drop and roll if their clothing catches fire.

Lying down make it harder for the fire to spread and reduces the effect of flames on your face and head.

Smother the flames by covering them with heavy materials like a coat or a blanket, which blocks the fire’s supply of oxygen.

Rolling can also help smother the flames.

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