Children’s charity must not take support for granted

Real concerns over cost of fitting out new charity shop.

Regarding the refitting of the shop for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) in Honiton. I think that Patricia Franklin and Mandy Newman have made very valid points and I’ve received many comments from customers to support their views.

Having helped to support and encourage the creation of CHSW, I feel very disappointed with what I’ve seen and hear. The money to refit that particular shop has, I presume, come from donations made to what is a very worthy cause and it is right to question the use of funds in this way when there seems no real need to do so.

Fund-raising is hard work as most of us appreciate many caring people work tirelessly in their spare time to support charities that wouldn’t exist without the good will of the public and, I fear, those people will think twice and question further now from this example of expenditure.

Judging by the response from CHSW management, it would seem that they might be in danger of taking public support for granted.

I wonder how much the refit is costing, because I can’t see how the unnecessary cost can ever be recovered and I think the management needs to rethink its strategy - if they want continued support from the very people that helped create a much needed facility.

The one thing that I’ve admired about our very local Hospiscare is that their spending is well thought out, resulting in, I believe, around 90p in the pound going to services.

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When the Hospiscare shop was opened in Honiton, the community were asked to assist and they helped tremendousl - the decorating, general building work and plumbing were all given willingly by local people wanting to do something to help, even the washer tumble dryer was donated.

That exercise was binding and, again, a true example of how special Honiton is and we must try our best to preserve that special quality.

Alan Rowe MBE