Children struggling to safely cross Honiton road

Devon County Council is desperate to find a lollipop person to man a school crossing patrol.

A POTENTIALLY dangerous road in Honiton is without a school crossing patrol and Devon County Council is desperate to recruit someone to fill the vacancy.

Parents of children attending Littletown Primary School want the vacancy filled as soon as possible.

Stephen Hannay, 60, says traffic is moving too fast along Littletown Road, which children have to cross to reach the school in Honiton Bottom Road.

“It is the same drivers every morning. They don’t seem to be interested in people’s welfare,” he said.

He is concerned that someone may only come forward to fill the vacancy after a child has been knocked down by a car.

Mr Hannay, who walks his daughter to school, asked: “Why do we need a lollipop person in Sidmouth Road when there is now a pelican crossing there?”

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The Midweek Herald has previously reported how inconsiderate drivers were ignoring the crossing patrol, driving around the former lollipop person.

Police were called in to monitor traffic at the spot.

Rod Webber, of Devon County Council, said: “The school has sent out leaflets advertising the post twice in the last month.

“We are very keen to fill it.”

The job is for 6.25 hours per week and further information is available from Devon County Council’s school crossing patrol office on (01392) 382247.