Children use speed guns on A373

Residents concerned motorists are exceeding 30mph limit.

CHILDREN used a speed gun to deter motorists from exceeding a 30mph limit on the A373.

The Year 5 and 6 pupils from Awliscombe Church of England Primary School joined police in a joint operation that aimed to encourage motorists to stick to the limit through the village.

Checks took place yesterday (Wednesday) outside the school and will form part of a survey of traffic speeds across the Honiton area.

Residents have singled out speeding vehicles as a concern through the Partners and Communities Together Initiative.

“The A373 is a very busy link road between Honiton and Cullompton and the speed of traffic, particularly outside the school, has been a concern for us for some time,” said headteacher Gill Kendrick.

She added: “We are pleased to work with the local police in any way which helps to improve the safety for this community.”

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PCSO Phil Anning said: “The children used a mobile speed indicator device to gather data of the speed of vehicles and also joined the police in using the hand-held speed gun.

“The aim of the exercise was to impress upon motorists the importance of adhering to the speed limits particularly in the area around schools. Working with the children and getting motorists to answer their questions will hopefully have more of an impression upon them.

“The overall message is simple. Speeding will not be tolerated, SLOW DOWN!”