Chimney fire spreads

Firefighters from Seaton, Colyton and Sidmouth tackle blaze.

FIREFIGHTERS from Seaton requested back-up after arriving at the scene of a chimney fire last night.

Seaton watch commander Robin Hammett made the request after finding a house in Underleys, Beer, heavily smoke-logged and the blaze spreading.

A crew from Colyton and, later, a third crew from Sidmouth attended the scene.

Shortly before 10pm on Friday night, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said: “The fire in the chimney has spread to the first floor bedroom.

“Crews are fighting the fire with two breathing apparatus wearers using one hose reel, chimney gear and small tools. “Crews are cutting away joists, a thermal imaging camera is now in use.”

UPDATE: Floor joists in the property were severely damaged by the fire.