Christians are ‘not perfect’

Thought for the week

Someone once said to me that the best and worst adverts for Christian faith are Christians themselves.

It’s true up to a point, but I would probably say the best advert for the Christian faith is Jesus himself!

Many people find Jesus fascinating, inspiring, thought provoking – but are turned off by church and by the ‘religion’ that has sprung up around Jesus.

It’s true the church has built up 2,000 years of tradition around Jesus, but, at the same time, we still hold true to the simple teaching and follow the example of the man who was God, who showed through his life, death and resurrection the love of God.

He still, we believe, shows us the life and love of God.

Christians aren’t perfect, we’re all looking for God and see more of him through Jesus - try your local local church to find out more!