Christmas bargain hunting in Honiton

AS CHRISTMAS rapidly approaches, many shoppers will be preparing to tighten their belts and admit they will be thinking very hard before handing over their money.

The Midweek Herald took to the High Street to find out whether the uncertain jobs market and temperamental economy would be affecting readers’ Christmas spending this year.

Many shoppers thought they would be spending the same amount on Christmas presents, but admitted they would be on the look-out for bargains, offering value for money.

Anne Fraser, 63, from Honiton said: “I will probably be spending about the same this Christmas.

“I don’t really go mad at Christmas as I am at work.

“I have always looked for bargains.

“I don’t think I will spend as much as I have done in previous years, but it is hard to say.”

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Gail Mthalane, 35, said: “I think I will be spending less this year and I think the economy at the moment will affect the way I shop.”

Brian Weare, 78, from Honiton said: “I don’t think there will be any difference in what I spend at Christmas, but I don’t know.”

Joan Francis, 71, from Offwell, said: “I will probably be spending about the same.

“I think I won’t be getting so many silly little presents and I will get my grandchildren to tell me what they want.

“I will be trying to keep within a budget for my Christmas spending.”

Angela Manning, 42, from Ottery St Mary, said: “Probably less because I was made redundant. I think there are definitely more bargains around in the shops at the moment as I think they are trying to attract people with the lower prices.”

Jennie Gilbert, 30, said: “I will be spending less as I just haven’t got any money this year. Everything is too expensive and I’ve definitely got less to spend.”

Hayley Arnes, 25, from Honiton said: “A lot less. Just because my children have got too much anyway. I will be spending on Ebay.

“So much of the stuff is so expensive like X-Boxes and not everyone is going to be able to get that.”

Farmer Labbe, 39, said: “I don’t think my Christmas spending will be affected. I think it will be the same as last year.

“Everybody is worrying over their jobs at the moment, so that will have an affect on peoples spending.

“Fortunately, I have got presents already and get them when I see the bargains.”

Pensioner Monica Luck said: “If I could get away with it I would spend less. It has all got a bit ridiculous.”

Sue Robinson, 65, from Honiton, said: “I will be spending the same as I usually do. I suppose people are going to be more cautious about what they spend.

“Everbody has got to do something to help business. Nobody can sit back and say it is nothing to do with me.

“I always look for bargains.”

Brian Angove, 79, from Sidmouth, said: “I think I will be spending about the same this year. I take more consideration about the price of things.

“Everywhere you look around there are sales - there are plenty of bargains.

“I think people will be a bit more responsible this year about what they are spending.”

Diana Hawkins said: “My spending will be about the same. I will definitely come back to Honiton to do my Christmas shopping - coming here it is very good value for money compared to some of the cities.

“I think people will be looking for things which are value for money rather than luxury items.

People will weigh their options up before buying things.

“I think I will be buying one big item rather than little things, as people can end up spending more on little items so I would, perhaps, spend more on something that is worth having.”

Her friend, Lesley Brain, added: “If you have got value for money that is what people will be looking for this Christmas.”