Christmas burglary warning

‘Keep your presents under wraps this Christmas’ say police.

Police are urging the public to keep their presents under wraps this Christmas.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary has launched a Christmas campaign, Not everyone is welcome this Christmas, to remind residents to keep their belongings safe during the festive season.

Bob Bunney, force crime prevention advisor, urged residents to heed the advice to prevent the heartache and financial loss associated with a burglary.

He said: “Burglary in Devon and Cornwall is low compared to other areas of the country. However, the opportunity for criminals increases during the Christmas period when people buy lots of valuable presents.

“Effective measures can be put in place by everyone that will help prevent your home becoming a target for criminals.

“Nearly a third of burglars enter premises through an open door or window so keep them closed when you are not around.

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“I would also recommend checking household insurance policies to make sure any conditions are being complied with such as closing and locking doors and windows when you leave your home empty.”

Members of the public are advised to:

• Keep windows and doors secure at all times.

• Keep presents and valuables from outside view.

• Dispose of all boxes and packaging carefully and do not leave it on show outside the house.

• Security mark gifts and valuables with your postcode and house number which enables police to identify the owner if they are stolen.