Church backed by councillors

The future of William Salter’s Entombment of Christ painting should be decided by the church, say Honiton Town Council.

Honiton Town Council says the future of the William Salter painting should be left in the hands of St Paul’s Church.

At a meeting on Monday night, councillors were asked for their views over the future of the Entombment of Christ painting during public questions, when a letter from resident Barbara Bartlett was read out.

The letter asked the council whether it was aware that the Parochial Church Council was holding consultions with parishioners over the future of the painting.

She said that as the painting was given to the town this should be publicised amongst the town’s inhabitants.

The painting was gifted to the town when St Paul’s Church was built in the 1830s.

The Mayor, Councillor Vernon Whitlock, said: “We discussed this and noted that this painting was gifted to St Paul’s.

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“We agreed that the sale of the painting should benefit St Paul’s Church.”

However, Councillor Roy Coombs disputed that the painting was given to the church and added: “It was given to the town’s people to go into St Paul’s Church.

“It is only the custodian and has been all these years.

“It was given to the town’s people to hang in St Paul’s.”

Councillor Whitlock pointed out that the recommendation was made at a previous policy meeting.