Church bells to ring out again in Kilmington

St Giles Church at Kilmington. Picture: Chris Carson

St Giles Church at Kilmington. Picture: Chris Carson - Credit: Archant

The bells at Kilmington Parish Church are set to ring again after being silent for months.

The bells are set to ring again at Kilmington Parish Church.

Officials say they hope they will be rung to welcome the congregation to the first service in St Giles’ since lockdown March - a Mission Community Evensong on Sunday, September 6.

Kilmington bellringer Celia Dunsford said: “However, things won’t be quite as they were.

“Initially, we will only be able to ring three non adjacent bells, due to the two meter ruling, for a maximum of 15 minutes for services only.

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“If insufficient ringers are available you may actually hear six bells.

“This will be as we are fortunate to have an Ellacombe Chiming system which enables one person to chime all the bells.

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“However, ‘chimed’ bells do not sound as loud as ‘rung’ bells and therefore the sound doesn’t carry as far around the village.

“We look forward to ringing the bells again in the near future and hope you enjoy hearing them.”

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