Church prays for cash

More needs to be done to cut expenditure.

UPLYME Church is looking to boost its income in a bid to balance the books.

Parishioners have been told that although the deficit was reduced last year more needs to be done to cut expenditure or raise extra cash.

PCC stewardship advisor Mark Trafford says the hope is to at least halve the loss in 2012 to around �9,000, against a planned income of �89,000.

Amongst options being considered to increase revenue are major changes to the parish magazine - by introducing advertising or even scrapping the printed version in favour of an on-line edition.

Mr Trafford said: “Income from the Parish News has been dropping drastically and we have reflected that in our budget. Expenditure for it is �2,500 per annum, yet income is budgeted to be as low as �500.

“Donations for its production and delivery have fallen drastically in recent years - we could strive in the first part of 2012 to get recipients to cover the cost, �5 from each house would cover the production costs.

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“An alternative solution would be to stop the publication and delivery of printed Parish News and have it on-line - internet access only. This would not happen in the immediate future, it would be a reluctant move, but if we can’t balance our books we may have to do it.

“We could also introduce ‘advertising’ in to the Parish News and of charge for it.”

Other money raising ideas being considered for next year’s budget include:

* More fund raising events and getting more income ‘gift aided’ to be able to claim the 25 per cent tax back on it.

* Investigating some alternatives for maintaining the churchyard, one option being the possibility of handing over responsibility to the council from 2013 onwards via formal closure of the churchyard. Current budgeted expenditure for this work is �2,500 per annum.

Mr Trafford urged parishioners to put on their thinking caps and help identify other ways to cut costs or increase income.

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