Church rejects restoration offer

Herald fund-raising bid turned down.

The fate of a painting gifted to Honiton more than 150 years ago hangs in the balance - now that the town’s parochial church council has decided not to restore it.

The Entombment of Christ, painted by Honitonian William Salter, could cost as much as �3,000 to restore and an offer by the Midweek Herald to raise the cash has not been taken up.

Local residents fear the painting could be sold.

It is the view of church leaders that it is not worth spending �3,000 on a painting “when there is much greater need in the area”.

In a statement to The Herald, a church council spokesperson said: “The painting is in need of considerable amount of specialist restoration, which experts estimate would cost at least as much as its �3,000 value.

“The parochial church council consulted with the town council and it was agreed it should not spend such a significant amount of money on a painting, at a time when there is much greater need in the area.”