Churchwardens join fight against grave robbers

Warning signs erected in Honiton churchyard

A concerted effort is under way to weed out a thief who has been preying on the bereaved in Honiton.

Churchwardens have erected warning signs at St Michael’s Churchyard - in a bid to encourage people to report suspicious activity to the police immediately.

Police have been liaising with church officials following repeated reports of flowers being stolen from graves.

The mystery thefts have baffled members of the clergy and outraged mourners.

Just when the thefts appear to have stopped, they start again.

It is not known if the thefts are the work of one person or more.

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When the Midweek Herald conducted one of its regular visits to the churchyard last Thursday, the area was full of colour and blooming with fresh flowers.

If you spot anything out of the ordinary at the churchyard call police on 08452 777444.