Clergy standing up for what they believe in

St Paul’s Cathedral resignations could mean hardship and uncertainty for those who have given up security.

I’m sure many of you will have seen that events at and around St Paul’s Cathedral in London (where I was ordained 15 years ago) have brought about the resignations of three senior Anglican clergy – the Chaplain, the Canon Chancellor and the Dean.

Whatever you think of their politics, whether you support the Occupy London Camp or not, these followers of Jesus are standing up for what they believe in, even though it means leaving good jobs, leaving their homes and uprooting their families.

For those who think being a part of the church is a cushy life or is all about privilege and comfort, these three have shown that when it comes to being a Christian, standing firm for your principles and the message of Jesus doesn’t mean taking the easy way. It can mean hardship, uncertainty and being willing to give up our security and trusting God instead.