Caught on camera: dramatic cliff fall in Sidmouth

Sidmouth rockfall

Sidmouth rockfall - Credit: Terry Whitmore

Did you see the cliff fall today?

A large cliff fall kicked up a dust cloud at East Beach in Sidmouth this morning (Friday, October 16).

Terry Whitmore from Exmouth was visiting the town and enjoying a walk along the seafront at the time of the fall.

She said: “It happened at 10.25am. There was a small fall just before the large one.

“It was an amazing sight. You could taste the dust.”

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This latest cliff fall highlights just how dangerous this stretch of the coastline is and how susceptible it is to erosion.

It comes after a monitoring station was recently installed at Port Royal to observe and record changes caused by coastal erosion.

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The public are strongly advised not to use this beach with fresh warning signs in place at the access point on the new bridge to deter any would-be adventurers.

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