Climate emergency: Change is beginning to happen in East Devon

Extinction Rebellion protestors at Seaton. Picture: Seaton and Axe Valley Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion protestors at Seaton. Picture: Seaton and Axe Valley Extinction Rebellion - Credit: Archant

Local authorities taking action to help tackle climate change now need residents’ support, writes Sue Jackman of Extinction Rebellion Seaton and Axe Valley.

October saw national and global protests, led by Extinction Rebellion, again raising awareness of the climate emergency.

Sir David Attenborough has declared that this is the most critical moment for life on Earth since the continents were formed. The list of dramatic climate fluctuations and the consequent disasters looming is endless and yet still climate emergency is low on the political agenda of most Nations.

Life can thrive against the odds when given time to adapt but having ignored the increasingly urgent scientific warnings for the last forty years, we are now changing the planet so fast that life on earth cannot keep pace.

However, at a local level, change is slowly beginning to happen.

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In East Devon, many town councils have now declared a climate emergency - Seaton, Axminster, Ottery St Mary, and Honiton - and they have begun looking at ways to consult and involve the community in reducing their carbon footprint, and the more we can support them the faster change will happen.

If your local council has not already declared why not contact them and encourage them to do so.

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There is a role for everyone who feels passionately about their environment to get involved.

There are many different groups already involved in everything from wildlife and tree conservation, the war on plastics and food waste, to peaceful protest groups, to name but a few, and they are all trying to keep the pressure on government and industry to play their part; but to do this effectively they need greater numbers to share the workload.

Extinction Rebellion groups are now up and running in most East Devon towns and are busy trying to encourage the councils and the community in their work - they are not just about protest, although that will always remain an important part of their remit.

Please take the time to find out more about how you can get involved by visiting their information sites and going along to their meetings, or by joining any other group that interests you.

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