Colyton Carnival - ‘wonderful’ cash result

Tributes paid to local organisations that held events during carnival week.

Provisional figures reveal street collections at Colyton Carnival raised �1,620, with a further whopping �4,764 raised during the carnival market.

Ploughman’s lunches netted �347 and afternoon teas �194.

The totals have been hailed by event organisers as “a wonderful result, in view of the present difficult financial times”.

Colyton Carnival Committee has this morning issued a big thank you to everyone who helped or supported events during the week.

Caroline Collier, carnival secretary, said: “In particular, we would like to thank all the organisations which put on events for us.

“Without their help there would be no carnival week.”

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Mrs Collier paid special thanks to those who organised the carnival market.

She said: “The market is our biggest fund-raiser and represents a great deal of work by so many.”

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