Colyton Grammar School A level results best ever

COLYTON Grammar School has achieved its best ever A level results, with 60 per cent of students achieving one or more of the new coveted A* grades.

Emma Pope got an impressive five A*s and an A and is off to study medicine.

Twins Hannah and Rachel Schneiders achieived seven A* and three As between them. Rachel will do veterinary science at Liverpool and Hannah will read medicine at Oxford.

And Jason Wyatt, from Dalwood, got four A*s, one A and one B. He will study mathematics at Cambridge.

The students are the first to experience the school’s new sixth form curriculum and have sustained nationally high standards while benefiting from a broader programme.

Head teacher Paul Evans said: “It is good to see that the hard work of students and staff has paid off. School should be about education and not just examination results.

“This group of young people have experienced a rich and varied programme while maintaining very high academic standards. They have had a broader experience and are well placed for the challenges at the top universities who tell us that they value what we have done.”

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Most students completed four subject A levels rather than the usual three and also completed general studies and an extended project as part of the English Baccalaureate Diploma.

Notable achievements include:

Tabby Barnes-Harris, from Colyford – 3 A* and 2 As

Anna Elliott, Axmouth - 4 A*s and 1 A

Izzy Gair, Colyton - 3 A* and 1 C

Naomi Spray, Honiton - 3 A*, 1 A and 1 B

Lizzy Yarlott - 3 A* and 2 A grades