Colyton Grammar School is top mixed sex state school

Students’ hard work reflected in National Performance Tables.

Colyton Grammar School is the top, mixed sex state school in the country, according to National Performance Tables published today.

The selective school was ranked fourth in the country for GCSEs and 10th for A-levels.

Headteacher Paul Evans said he was “delighted” to see hard work recognised in the tables.

He told the Midweek Herald: “The success at GCSE is particularly gratifying, given that students take their GCSEs at the end of Year 10, a year earlier than normal.”

Mr Evans added: “Of course, there’s far more to a good school than that recorded in these tables, which are only a snapshot.

“Successful schools have happy students who are engaged in a wide range of sports, the arts and other activities.

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“We are keen to develop the whole person and make our students good leaders and enthusiastic independent learners.

“Nearly 20 per cent of our leavers last summer started degrees at Oxbridge colleges and we are successful at supporting students to get places on competitive courses in the best universities.

“We are a school where the three key elements for school success come together - enthusiastic learners, outstanding teachers and supportive parents.”