Colyton Post Office set to re-open today

Closure was a temporary measure.

The business is set to re-open today (Wednesday), with a temporary postmaster at the helm.

The post office, which is based in newsagents RD Hibberd and Son, was closed on September 22 as a result of an undisclosed operational matter between the business and Post Office Limited,

The owner of RD Hibberd and Son, Tony Hibberd, said: “The post office has closed temporarily for an internal matter.”

Mr Hibberd declined to give any details on the internal matter in question, which is being dealt with by Post Office Limited.

He added: “It is an internal matter between myself and the post office.

“Our main concern is that we continue to provide a post office service to support the community.”

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It has been alleged that the post office counters were closed after auditors raised concerns.

Post Office Limited said: “Regrettably, the post office had to be temporarily closed on Wednesday, September 22, due to operational reasons and we apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused as a result.”

“Colyton Post Office will be reopening on Wednesday, October 6, and will be operating as normal on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. However, the branch will now close all day on Thursdays.”

The sudden closure caused great inconvenience to customers, who were unaware that the service would be temporarily suspended.

A Colyton resident said: “Colyton Post Office has been closed for all post office business for two weeks now.

“No notice was given and on Saturday it was still closed until further notice.

“This is of considerable inconvenience to hundreds of residents.”