Colyton rebels again - this time over bank closure

Save our bank campaigners outside Lloyds in Colyton. Picture: CHRIS CARSON

Save our bank campaigners outside Lloyds in Colyton. Picture: CHRIS CARSON - Credit: Archant

Town turns out in force to send a ‘please save our branch’ message to Lloyds

Colyton - once dubbed the most rebellious town in Devon - went on the warpath again yesterday (Thursday, August 18).

Residents turned out in force to join Town Crier Derek Wenn in a communal chant of “save our Bank”.

The protest was held in response to Lloyds’ decsison to close its branch in Market Place, sparking outrage amongst residents who say it is a vital local amenity.

Colyton Rector Rev Rev Hilary Dawson is amongst campaign leaders. She and church wardens Christine Sansom and David Fouracre recently wrote to bank chairman, Lord Norman Blackwell, urging him to reverse the closure decision.

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They said: “It would appear in the world of big business, small is not beautiful. However, to a community like ours such a facility is crucial.

“We have a predominately elderly population living in a rural location. Many are without private transport, and public transport is infrequent and impractical for those with mobility problems. Many of the elderly are not computer literate, so on-line banking is not an option for them.

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“A large proportion of the Colyton population have banked with Lloyds for many years, primarily because we have a fully functioning bank within the community.”

They added: “Your planned closure of this branch reflects the continued marginalisation of a hitherto thriving rural community.”

Yesterday’s noisy protest was heralded a major success by campaigners.

* Colyton was branded Devon’s most rebelious town when, in 1865, 105 local men - more than from other town in the county - joined the Protestant Duke of Monmouth’s army in his ill-fated bid to overthrow Catholic King James II.

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