Colyton students stamp on food waste

Green team introduce recycling bins for leftovers and investigate a major composting scheme

STUDENTS at Colyton Grammar School are putting the boot into food waste to further reduce their energy footprint.

As part of a pioneering project they have introduced dedicated bins for leftovers, to go alongside existing recycling containers for plastic bottles, can and paper.

Members of the Green Society are also looking into plans to compost all of the school’s food waste on site – some 3,600kg a year - instead of sending it to landfill sites to feed the seagulls.

Sixth Form Green Society member, Phillip Stoneman, said the plan was to make people more aware of their recycling habits.

He said: “The more we make people aware of how much they recycle and how little we currently reuse, the better for the future of Devon and the world.

Assistant Head Rex Stidwell, who leads the Green Society, added: “As a school we are making excellent progress as a model of sustainability, within the school and in the wider community. With a vast increase in our solar array and now plastic bottle recycling we are making a serious dent on the impact we have on the planet, and of course educating and engaging our students in this vital topic”.

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Members of the Green Society are always striving to reduce the school’s environmental footprint; they believe that the only way they can decrease the school’s energy usage and send less to landfill, is through taking action and encouraging others to join them.

Other green initiatives at the school have included the introduction of paper-only bins in every room and the development of an ‘Eco-Woodland Reserve’.