Comedian Andy Hamilton comes to East Devon

COMEDIAN Andy Hamilton has spoken to the Midweek Herald about his upcoming tour and future plans.

COMEDIAN Andy Hamilton has spoken to the Midweek Herald about his upcoming tour and future plans.

The performer and writer will stage his show Hat of Doom at the Exeter Corn Exchange on Sunday, May 30.

The one-man show promises jokes, stories, gossip, music, cash prizes, trampolining - and nudity. Not necessarily in that order.

The multi-award winner and co-writer of Outnumbered refuses to comment on nakedness in the show.

"I can't divulge that," he said. "It's an incentive for people to come."

The writer, director and stand-up comic's career includes writing sketches for Not the Nine O'Clock News, Alas Smith and Jones, and The Armstrong and Miller Show.

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For over a decade he has starred as Satan in his own award-winning Radio 4 sitcom Old Harry's Game, and has appeared on Have I got News for You, News Quiz, I'm Sorry I Haven't Got a Clue and Trevor's World of Sport.

He said there have been too many highs too mention, and that the lows are all part of taking risks in the business.

He has courted controversy in the past, but says the public's response is not always predictable.

When an incompetent suicide bomber featured in Old Harry's Game - ending up in hell and outraged he has not got his promised virgins - Andy received fan mail, not complaints.

He muses: "Maybe Al-Qaeda doesn't listen to Radio Four."

It has been two years since Andy last toured and he said he is keen to get out there.

He said: "The show is very good fun and I'm looking forward to coming down to the South West.

"People say it's a brave thing to do [stand-up], but if it's something you enjoy, and you're reasonable good at it, then it's not brave. Working in an oil rig is braver than telling jokes in front of 500 very nice people."

When asked about his comedic inspiration, he said there was no 'secret' to his success.

"I don't know where I get it from and I always worry that if I try to analyse it, it would be like asking a centipede how it walks," he said.

"It's just a certain way of looking at things, which probably people are born with. Some people are innately funny, but in lots of different ways. Tommy Cooper was funny before he opened his mouth, others are quick-witted."

Andy and Guy Jenkins are currently writing the fourth series of Outnumbered, which has improvised scenes from the youngsters.

The father-of-three said it was based on universal experiences, such as losing a child at a supermarket. The child stars given some prompting on the subject - and then left to their own devices.

Andy will be bringing back Old Harry's Game for two Christmas specials.

He said if he had to name his profession it would be as a writer, with future ambitions to write a novel or a musical. Failing that, he would like to play professional football for his team - Chelsea.

He said: "I would still like to play football for Chelsea, but I think I'm going to let go of that one soon."

* Tickets are �17, or �14.50 concessions. Doors open at 6.46pm for a 7.30pm start. For more information call 01392 665866 or visit