Community cinema for Honiton?

Honiton Town Council agree to support proposals for a community cinema in the town.

HONITON Town Council have agreed to support a proposal to set up a community cinema in the town.

Councillors agreed to support the plan in principle during a meeting on Monday, which will be discussed in more detail during a policy meeting in June.

Funding is being sought, for the project being put forward by Marianne Harman, from the council to set up a test screening for the cinema to be held in the Mackarness Hall in September.

Mrs Harman is currently looking into obtaining funding from other sources.

She asked the council for a grant of �500 to cover initial costs of hiring the hall, refreshments and advertising.

Concerns were raised during the meeting over past efforts to establish a cinema in the town.

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Councillor John Taylor said: “If we don’t try we will never get one.”

Councillor Michael Teare added: “One of the things that we constantly have feedback on from people is that they would like to see a cinema in the town.”

During the meeting the town council also agreed to support in principle proposals for a wine festival to be held on Charter Day next year by Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Lions Club.

Councillor Vernon Whitlock told the council in a report that the Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club had been seeking financial and other advice on the event.

Councillor Whitlock asked the council to consider making an interest free loan available of �1,000 to �2,000 if a back up was needed.

He said: “Everyone you speak to is enthusiastic and very keen to support it going ahead next year.

“There is a lot of work to be done.”

Both of these matters will be discussed by the council in a policy meeting in June.