Community order for assault pair

A mother and daughter receive a community order after attacking a woman in The Three Tuns Pub.

A mother and daughter have received a community order following a night they would rather forget after pleading guilty to a ‘serious and brutal’ attack in Honiton.

Carol Susan White, 47, of Jerrard Crescent, Honiton, appeared at Central Devon Magistrates’ alongside her daughter Naomi Rose White, of Powell Close, Seaton, after assaulting a woman in the Three Tuns Pub in Honiton.

On the evening of Saturday, May 31, Carol White and her two daughters were drinking in the Three Tuns Pub following the funeral of her mother-in-law.

A member of the bar staff told them on two occasions to keep the noise down when their behaviour had become rowdy and she received verbal abuse.

The court heard that Carol White went on to punch a woman in the pub, in what was described by the prosecution as an ‘unprovoked attack’.

She was seen to get up from her seat shouting and swearing at the victim and punched her with such force to knock her to the ground, where she was kicked in the head by Naomi White.

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During the attack the victim sustained a bloody nose, cut lip and soreness to her head after a clump of her hair was pulled out.

The court also heard that the two women were in ‘quite distressed and emotional states’ at the time and that Mrs White’s other daughter had argued with the victim, when her mother had gone to see what was going on when ‘something inside her snapped’.

Naomi White then went to her mother’s aid after seeing her wrestling with the victim.

Carol White said: “I just wish it never happened and I am disgusted with myself.”

Her daughter added: “I am disgraced with myself for doing it and wish it had never happened and it won’t happen again.”

The chairman of the magistrates Avril Long said: “This was a very nasty attack, also in a public place. The sentence will be a community order of 12 months.

“Within that you will do 200 hours of unpaid work because this was a serious and brutal attack.”

The women were also ordered to pay �50 each in compensation and are excluded from entering the Three Tuns Pub for six months.