Council urged to put a spring in dancers’ steps

Proposed community centre should have sprung dance floor, says former mayor.

A Honiton councillor has sprung to the defence of plans for a proper dance floor at the proposed community centre - and urged the town council to ‘keep its options open’.

Councillors met last week to discuss and resolve recommendations made by the community complex project group.

Former mayor Vivienne Ash raised concerns about removing plans for sprung flooring, which she feels will be essential for dance groups who may use the complex .

But Councillor Peter Corke said the venue was more likely to attract line dancers than Strictly Come Dancing.

Cllr Ash said: “So often we take something out and find out we need it later on, and it turns out to be more costly than if we did it in the first place.

“If it is at all possible we ought to keep our options open - at least for the moment.

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“I do believe a semi-sprung floor would be a real asset.”

Other councillors also expressed concerns that taking away the option of having a sprung floor could limit the complex’s use for groups in the community.

Councillor Marianne Harman said: “I am very concerned about the lack of staging and not having sprung flooring may limit its possible use by community groups.”

Councillor Mike Allen added: “Sprung flooring is essential if we want performing groups and dancing clubs to be able to use the complex.”

Councillor Peter Corke said: “I am categorically saying it is not necessary to have sprung flooring. We are going to have line dancing. We are more likely to get that than Strictly Come Dancing.”

It was suggested that the council consult with dance groups in the area to find out if sprung flooring would be of use to them.