Councillor fears for trees at Honiton beauty spot

Millennium Green mystery.

A HONITON councillor has raised concerns about trees in the Millennium Green, which, he says, appear to have been struck by a mystery condition.

Councillor Roy Coombs expressed his growing concerns at a meeting of Honiton Town Council.

Councillor Coombs said: “The trees are obviously showing something is wrong, but that is for experts to decide. I am just concerned, as anyone would be.

“I hope it is nothing serious, but there is clearly something that does need identifying.

“I am not saying they are definitely diseased, but they are not in bonny health.

“This problem has been escalating all summer.

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“I think it is now too late to do anything.”

He has observed distressed and afflicted foliage on some of the trees in the area.

A tree surgeon, who recently thinned the trees, concluded that they were not suffering from a disease and appeared healthy.

Councillor Coombs added: “I think the Millennium Green Trust has possibly been lulled into a false sense of security.”

Diseases affecting trees can be spread by the wind, by insects and through the soil.

Honiton Millennium Green is managed by an independent trust, which employs a local garden contractor to take care of the land.

The Trust has been notified of the problem and will be investigating Councillor Coombs’ concerns.

Richard Howe, the chairman of the Trustees, said: “We know about it and we will take appropriate action.

“There are diseases in trees everywhere and trees get sick, just like human beings.

“The Green, as a whole, I think, is in reasonably good condition.

“Obviously, Councillor Coombs thinks it needs to be investigated and we will investigate it - and take appropriate action.

“I don’t think it is cause for concern at this stage, but it is something to be investigated.”