Councillors urged to ‘wake up’

Honiton Community Centre project row rumbles on...

I am very surprised that there has not been more said on the Honiton Community Centre project - we are in the depths of a serious economic crisis which affects all of us to a degree.

We are all told to tighten our belts and cut back - and what are the town councillors doing? They are proposing to spend a large sum of money building a community centre! As far as I can ascertain, no-one is really interested in it, or wants it.

The town councillors don’t seem to take any heed to the fact that they are talking of spending our council tax on a project that is clearly inappropriate in these current times. Surely it would make more sense to take over the British Legion premises and spruce them up as a community centre - rather than spend hundreds of thousands on a new building?

The proposed site in Dowell St would entail losing yet another amenity for coaches and heavy goods vehicles delivering visitors and supplies to the town - where exactly are the users of this wonderful new community centre supposed to park?

I think the town councillors should wake up and start listening to public opinion, instead of using other people’s money.

Richard Drake

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