Cranbrook rumours ‘categorically untrue’

‘No evidence to support rumours,’ says East Devon District Council

East Devon District Council says rumours of affordable homes at Cranbrook being allocated to councils in other areas of the country are ‘categorically untrue’.

The Midweek Herald has received numerous calls and letters from concerned residents about the rumours.

A spokesman for the district council said: “Over the last few months East Devon District Council has become aware of a rumour that a large percentage of affordable homes at Cranbrook have been allocated to councils in other areas of the country, so they can move their undesirable tenants to Devon.

“We totally appreciate that this rumour could cause concern, but we can categorically say that this rumour is untrue and unfounded.

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“Indeed, we believe this rumour is part of a malicious and vindictive campaign against the development at Cranbrook.”

The spokesman added: “Whilst there is no evidence to support this rumour, here is the evidence that conclusively proves where the allocation of affordable housing is in fact going...

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“A local lettings plan has been devised by East Devon District Council in collaboration with Exeter City Council and the developers’ agents to provide the framework for allocating affordable housing at Cranbrook.

“This will be operated under the auspices of Devon Home Choice and will allow for 65 per cent of the affected homes to be let to people on the East Devon housing register and 35 per cent from Exeter city’s list.

“We have also spoken with the developers about this rumour and can confirm that none of the house builders have sold houses in bulk to councils outside of the area.

“We can also confirm that the development of Cranbrook has not had any financial dealings with the councils that have featured in these rumours.”

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