Crime down in Honiton

But the number of thefts have increased according to the latest police figures.

Crime is down in Honiton, but thefts have increased.

That is what Honiton Town Council heard on Monday night when figures for the period between January 10 and February 13 were revealed. Fifty-eight crimes had been recorded - nine less than the same period last year. Among the crimes were 16 thefts, which include four shoplifting offences, as well as 11 assaults, three burglaries and six criminal damage offences.

A police spokesman said: “Thefts have increased recently due to a spate of fuel thefts from Heathpark Industrial Estate.

“The neighbourhood team are aware and are conducting patrols in hours of darkness to try and deter and detect the offences.”

There were also 10 crimes listed as other offences, including a hoax call made to police and two incidents where harassing text messages were sent.