Bestiality video found on jailed drug dealer's phone

Frankie Mortimore was jailed for 26 months at Exeter Crown Court

Frankie Mortimore was jailed for 26 months at Exeter Crown Court - Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

A small-time cocaine dealer was found with a video of a man having sex with a chicken when police checked his phone for drug messages.

Frankie Mortimore had been sent the clip by a building site colleague and was stored in a WhatsApp group called Works Banter.

Police found it alongside text messages to and from at least nine customers who bought half ounce deals of cocaine for £45 a time and paid the money directly into his bank account.

His barrister said he could not remember being sent the film, which was accompanied by a joke about the Covid virus, and described its presence on his phone as ‘unfortunate’.

Labourer Mortimore, 29, of Laurel Road, Exeter, admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine and possession of an extreme image and was jailed for two years and two months by Judge Timothy Rose at Exeter Crown Court.

Victoria Bastock, prosecuting, said Mortimore was arrested after being seen dealing in Sowton in May 2020 and a check on his phone showed he had been doing so for 11 months.

An examination of the phone also revealed the clip, which had been saved automatically from a WhatsApp group called Work Banter.

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Simon Burns, defending, said Mortimore only dealt to friends to pay for his own drug use. 

He said he had never intended to save the clip, which was sent to him unsolicited.

He said: "It was totally inappropriate and extremely unfortunate."