Cuts to domestic violence services up for discussion

Cuts to domestic violence services will go up for discussion today (Wednesday) as a new funding proposal is put before the Cabinet at Devon County Council.

A NEW funding package for domestic violence services will go up for discussion by Devon County Council.

The �1.1 million funding proposal will be discussed by the Cabinet at a meeting today (Wednesday, February 9).

The proposed package is on top of the �470,000, which Devon County Council will continue to spend in the next financial year on supporting the county’s three refuges.

Devon’s Chief Executive Phil Norrey will tell the Cabinet that the county council has invested significantly in preventative services in relation to domestic violence.

He will add: “With reductions in national funding, this council has no option but to look critically at all areas of expenditure and prioritise its statutory responsibilities in order to deliver a balanced budget.

”This revised package would allow the continuation of significant elements of the current ADVA service through the coming financial year, albeit with some reductions needing to be made.”

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The funding package comprises of �838,000 from Devon County Council, �43,400 from the PCT, �40,000 from Devon and Cornwall Police and �40,000 from Devon’s district councils making �961,000 in all.

In addition the county council, the police and the PCT have also agreed to commit �25,000 each in order to qualify for matched funding from the Home Office to enable a specific advice service to continue.

This would mean total funding of �1.112 million in the coming financial year according to Dr Norrey.

Devon County Council leader John Hart said: “It was important to review our original proposal

“I believe this will enable ADVA to continue to provide vital services across Devon.

“It will also give everyone breathing space to discuss a more equable and sustainable way of funding these services in the future.

“Devon County Council faces making cuts of �54.6 million in the coming financial year and I am afraid no-one is immune from reductions in their spending.

“However we have worked very hard to achieve what I believe is an acceptable and workable compromise.”