Cycle route is a life saver

Cycleways are the future.

So councillor Hayward thinks that the cycle path is a waste of money, Perhaps he is not a cyclist, If he was he would know that the alternative route crossing the main A35 at the top of Gammons hill in Kilmington is not pleasant and, during a summer weekend, is life threatening.

This cycle path is part of a long distance route that will encourage families into the area on their bikes, a short stretch and crossing of the A35 will discourage people from using the whole route.

The path may seem expensive, but compared to a highway for motor vehicles, the cost is minute.

Recent research commissioned by the Department of Transport states that almost half of cycling fatalities in the UK occur on rural roads, where the risk of being killed while cycling is up to ten times higher than the UK average.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England has been calling for national funding for cycling routes along busy rural roads.

Cycle routes are the future and cycling is the way ahead.

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Jolly Sargent