Plans for keeping Dalwood 'a special place' to be put to the vote

The village of Dalwood in East Devon

The village of Dalwood in East Devon - Credit: Roger Cornfoot/Geograph

Dalwood residents are being asked to support a set of planning policies designed to preserve the parish’s character, natural beauty and community services for the next 10 years. 

The Neighbourhood Plan does not seek to prevent new developments in Dalwood, but to influence their type, location and design, and protect community amenities. It aims to keep the village 'a special place to live, work and visit'.

A referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan document will be held on Thursday, February 24 at Dalwood Village Hall. If supported, the contents of the document will be taken into account when planning applications for the parish are determined. 

The Dalwood Neighbourhood Plan states that any new developments must fit in with the traditional character of the village, in terms of their design and materials. This includes the need to use plants native to the area when landscaping, and protect the village’s traditional and ancient Devon hedges. 

The plan seeks to encourage retail and hospitality businesses that meet the needs of residents and visitors, and to resist any threat to of the village’s shop and post office, community hall, church, chapel and other amenities. It aims to create and support new local businesses and help sustain arable and livestock farming lifestyles. 

It includes a wish to improve parking provision in the village and maintain public rights of way. 

The plan supports small-scale, unobtrusive renewable energy schemes, and the provision of charging points for electric vehicles. 

The document can be read in full on the East Devon District Council website  or by visiting the council’s offices in Honiton, by prior arrangement only. It is also available at Honiton and Axminster libraries. 

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Councillor Dan Ledger, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for strategic development, said: “It’s fantastic to see that residents in the Dalwood parish are taking more control on how they wish to see their area grow for the next ten years. Neighbourhood plans are so important and help us understand what communities need and want to help them flourish. 

“Congratulations really needs to be given to all of the volunteers for getting the plan through to this point. Without their passion and commitment to their own community this feat would never have been achieved.”