Danny Dyer criticised by Devon campaigners

A CAMPAIGN group for equality of the sexes in Devon has hit out at a lads magazine for comments made by its agony uncle.

A CAMPAIGN group for equality of the sexes in Devon has hit out at a lads' magazine for comments made by its 'agony uncle'.

In the Ask Danny column of Zoo magazine, a 23-year-old man was advised to get over a broken relationship by cutting his ex girlfriend's face - so no one would want her.

Fawcett Devon has criticised Danny Dyer- the Football Factory actor and TV presenter - for his 'sexist rubbish'.

Group coordinator Amelia Taylor-Watt said: "It does just point out the utter sexist rubbish that exists in our media obsessed world."

She acknowledged that Mr Dyer had apologised for the comments, and denied actually writing the piece. She added that women's and girls' magazines also often portray females as 'nothing more than sex objects and second class citizens.

But she said the comments in Zoo were a step too far.

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"It is not only stomach churning in it's casualness to violence against women," she said. "But it is also highly offensive to the thousands of women and girls that are both physically and mentally abused and raped in this country every year.

"There is only one place for this kind of rubbish and that is in the bin."

The column has now been dropped the magazine. A spokesman for the magazine described it as an indefensible comment.

Mr Dyer said he had been misquoted and he did not condone violence against women.