Daylight robbery: Charity bags stolen

A CHARITY has been robbed of hundreds of pounds after around 60 donation bags were stolen from Musbury.

A CHARITY has been robbed of hundreds of pounds after around 60 donation bags were stolen from Musbury.

The bags marked for Lyme Regis-based cancer charity Tenovus were taken from the village last week (November 5).

Police believe it was a case of mistaken identity by another charity, but Tenovus collection driver Pat Nield maintains it is theft.

And one family, whose daughter was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, have been devastated because their donation has failed to reach their chosen charity.

The resident, who does not wish to be named, said: "My wife's 41-year-old daughter will be having an operation for breast cancer on November 20. My sister also died many years ago from cancer, so it's a charity close to home.

"To take anybody's possessions is sinful but to take from a charity is just the lowest of the low. It's a charity we gave to, to help save lives - it's just despicable."

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He said he handed the bags to people he believed to be from the charity.

He added it would be less shocking had the bags been taken by another charity, although Tenovus had been his chosen one.

Items included a home entertainment system, a DVD player and mini hi-fi system, which were expensive when bought as new.

Mr Nield made the discovery when residents told him the bags had already been taken.

He said: "We've lost hundreds of pounds. I don't think any genuine charity has taken the bags. The bags are blue and clearly marked and it couldn't have been a mistake. It's stealing no matter what and I think it's despicable."

A police spokesman said they did not believe a crime had been committed.

He said: "From what we understand, the two men concerned have not said or done anything to deceive the residents into believing they were from the cancer charity.

"The bags had been handed out to them and they have taken them. Therefore no fraudulent act has taken place.

"However, it would appear that theft of charity bags is on the increase due to the current economic climate."

Tenovus, which was set up by 10 businessmen, has a history of funding world-class cancer research. It aims to treat and help find a cure for cancer.