Death warning after tacks spread on Axminster roads

Estate residents fear the razor-sharp nails could lead to a high speed blow out

POLICE are stepping up the hunt for a “madman” who has been spreading razor-sharp tacks across roads in Axminster - amid warnings someone could be killed.

Several residents in Brunenburg Way have had their car tyres punctured – and they fear someone could die in a high speed blow-out.

The bizarre series of attacks began two years ago on a quiet close, leaving residents fearing for their safety.

Last week, in a worrying escalation, tacks were spread across the main estate road for the first time, puncturing at least one cyclist’s tyres.

Margaret Spencer-Brown, who lives in the close, is logging the attacks for the police, and has installed CCTV outside her bungalow.

But she thinks the culprit may have spotted the camera which is why he is now targeting a different area.

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She said the trouble began in 2009 following a series of peculiar incidents.

She said: “At first food was being thrown around – eggs, fruit, tomatoes - l over the gravel, which was weird, and then the tacks started going down in the road. Every six months, or so, a large amount would be scattered around. They are about an inch-and-a-half long, really sharp, and apart from the tyres they could injure pets.

“Most people here have had them in their tyres and needed repairs. we walk out to check the street now before we go out in the car.

“Police suggested we put cameras up but we have not caught anyone yet – they probably know it is there now, because people talk.

“It is getting really out of hand, now that it has moved to the main estate road, It is nasty, they are vicious.”

Neighbour Ron Thresher said: “This could end up with a nasty accident if a tyre goes off suddenly. This has to be a madman or someone with a grievance.”

Roger and Joyce Edmunds live on the main estate road and are worried the “scumbag” is getting closer.

“This is either some madman abroad or they have come off a builder’s van,” said Mr Edmunds. “But it has happened four or five times now so it is probably not an accident.”

PCSO Andy Trott appealed for help to catch the villain.

He told The Herald: “This is a difficult one because it does not happen on a regular basis.

“We want to hear from anyone who has noticed tack missing from their garage or shed. We are also checking with all the hardware stores to see if someone has purchased a large amount of tacks.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on their non emergency umber – 101 – quoting reference KA11 458 KA111 459 log number 360.