DEBATE: Has feminism made Britain a nation of fatties?

Have women ditched oven mitts for microwave meals and take-aways?

IS feminism to blame for giving Britain the label of being the fattest country in Europe?

Food writer Rose Prince explores the prospect in her latest book, Kitchenella.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Rose said: “Cooking became a drudge.”

She believes women have ditched oven mitts for TV dinners and take-away meals.

Now the chief executive of a weight loss programme has said she agrees.

Alison Wetton, of All About Weight, said: “I have to agree to some extent that many females now work such long hours and compete with men in corporate environments that things like healthy food planning and the preparation required goes by the way side.”

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What do YOU think? Have women, freed from the metaphorical chains that once tied them to the kitchen sink, been overly-liberated from responsible food preparation?

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