Decisions... Decisions...

How to choose the right school for our daughter.

Like many parents, we’re trying, with our daughter, to make decisions about schools for next year. It’s not as straightforward (though probably much fairer) as when I went to secondary school and, with such good schools around this area, it is not an easy choice to make!

I wish decision-making was much more simple altogether.

It would be helpful if God gave easy to follow signs when making decisions and for the less sensitive (like me) something in neon would be good.

But God’s guidance is rarely that clear, it needs work on our part to learn to know and do what is right. We must apply our hearts and minds to decisions. We must pray, talk to others, read our Bibles and think. It is rarely handed to us on a plate, but is worth effort and time to learn what is right. Keep seeking!

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