‘Diamonds are not forever, Bob’

Honiton bank protest sends message to top bankers and the Government.

Campaigning pensioner Tony Simpson says he received “very good support” from the public when he staged a protest outside Barclays bank in Honiton.

The protest, held yesterday morning, was organised by Mr Simpson to make a stand against the rate fixing scandal which saw two of the bank’s big wigs resign. Banners waved at the protest said ‘Prosecute top bankers’.

“Many people going to the bank and passing said they agreed that ‘enough is enough’ following the credit crunch, bonus scandal and now the latest rate- rigging scam,” he told the Midweek Herald.

“There must be a full legal and independent inquiry. Politicians are too involved.

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“Many of the present Government were involved with banks.”

“The protest was not aimed at bank staff - thousands have lost their jobs - or customers and there was a good atmosphere.”

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Mr Simpson added: “We can make a difference and felt we were sending a message to Bob Diamond and others that things must change.

“We, the taxpayers, will no longer underwrite greed and speculation by banks .

“Diamonds are not forever!”

Mr Simpson wants bank lending and borrowing to be separated from investment and speculation.

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