Did maternity campaign achieve anything?

Mums still being sent home from Honiton maternity unit just hours after giving birth.

Its not long ago that a lot of us fought to save our beloved maternity unit. but has our fight actually changed anything?

It would appear not!

We were led to believe that people who needed support with breast feeding would get at least one night’s stay on the unit.

This, however, appears not to be the case.

A family member of mine recently gave birth and was sent home just a few hours later, despite being a breast feeding mother.

This appears to be the case for many mothers, I am now hearing.

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As a mother myself, I am aware that, after giving birth, you feel very emotional and just need a little support, especially when breast feeding.

The truth is that the NHS may be saving money shutting the unit down at night, but they will end up spending just as much, because it is going to lead to more women being treated for post natal depression.

Things have to change before its too late and something awful happens.

Mrs J Pearce