Dig out your old photos

Pictures required of Colyton bridges.

At the successful Colyford Artfest, organised by Colin and Val Pady in February 2011, John Cochrane saw a section devoted to the Bridges of Colyford.

He has now asked Clive Stone to give a talk to members of Colyton Parish History Society about the bridges of the Parish of Colyton - and he needs your help.

The aim is to compile a comprehensive record, not only of the story behind individual bridges, but of the important role that bridges played in the development of communities like Colyford and Colyton, which may not be apparent to people using the bridges today.

Both Colyford and Colyton have bridges of historic note and importance.

Clive has already had very welcome, interesting and unique contributions from several local people, including Jim Board, Colin Pady, who is looking at the Feoffees’ records, and local author Colin Maggs.

Helen Redwood, at Colyton Library, has also given Clive much help in his research.

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Now Clive is appealing to anyone else who has knowledge of the bridges and, in particular, old pictures of bridges, including temporary bailey bridges which were used in Colyton.

He is also seeking photographs and postcards of other bridges, which are no longer in existence, and also pictures of bridges in flood conditions, or bridges being demolished or constructed.

In conversation with Mike Rowland, Clive learnt about one large collection of local photographs stretching back many years that was recently lost when the owner died.

He is hoping to prompt as many people as possible to dig out their old photographs of bridges and loan them for this talk.

As well as giving credits for contributions and acknowledging the sources of his information, Clive will return any pictures or documents.

If you can help, contact Mr Stone on 01297 551 518, 07974 215 887 or e-mail at clive@greenbank.eclipse.co.uk