Dirty nappies dumped on Axminster streets

Councillor appeals for people to dispose of them in the proper way

DIRTY nappies are being dumped on the streets of Axminster.

They have been found in various locations, but mostly in the Castle Hill area.

Axminster waste champion – town and district councillor Douglas Hull – has taken up the case after being contacted by an angry resident.

He told The Herald that it was a mystery why someone was discarding used nappies in the streets.

He said: “About a fortnight ago several were put in a bin after it had been emptied and then this week some more were dropped in the road in Castle Street.

“They appeared overnight so it seems someone is taking them out to get rid of them.

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“Unfortunately I can’t do anything without seeing who dropped them so I am appealing to people doing this to please take the dirty nappies home and dispose of them in the correct manner and not just discard them in the road.”